How do I care for your products? Jacquards can be spot cleaned on the inside and outside. Linen should be washed on delicate warm or cold and dried on a gentle drying cycle or hang dry. Solid canvas with leather handles is best to spot clean.

Do you really source high end, luxury textiles just 10 minutes from your store in Scranton, PA? Yes, I do. This region is rich in textiles, weaving and sewing. Some incredible businesses still thrive in our region in northeast PA.

Who makes Vecina accessories? Right now, it is me from my work studio and store. Before opening the store, I had employed 10 part-time employees in my sewing manufacturing space.

Do you do custom work? Unfortunately no, I would like to grow my own product line and I am in the process of developing a Vecina brand.

What is your return policy? Please see Shipping & Exchanges