5 WEEK SESSION • Wednesday nights 6:00pm - 7:30pm

July 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st & August 7th

Classes are held at Vecina, 540 Biden Street in Downtown Scranton. All classes are taught by me, Jamie Durkin, owner of Vecina.

Class size is limited to 4 people and is designed to start at 14 years old.

You will be provided with a JUKI home machine for all classes. If you have your own machine, please let me know as soon as possible so we can discuss the condition and capabilities of your machine. 

This class is perfect for anyone who took Beginner's Sewing 101. This is not a Beginner’s class where you will learn how to use a machine. The level of sewing could be considered beginner because the techniques are pretty straight forward. It’s required that you are familiar with a sewing machine and have a good knowledge of straight stitching and seam allowance. Knowing how to cut, measure and how to use a ruler is important too!

As always, the key to the way I teach and my goal for the student is to have products that look and feel like they were purchased and not have a ‘homemade element’. I also teach all of my classes as learning classes so you can build upon them and they are not just project based.


TOOLS: You will need just the basics to help keep the cost low. You will need cutting scissors or shears. Please buy new ones, or make sure they are very good at cutting fabric, they will make your life so much easier! I will also show you how to use a rotary cutter with a self-healing pad. You will need to provide pins and or clips and a soft tape measure (kind from the sewing store). I also have a variety of rulers to use. If you have your own, please bring them too.

PATTERNS: I will make the pattern for the 20" x 20" pillow cover, this will be yours to keep. For the other projects we will calculate the measurements and you will mark and cut your fabric, no pattern is needed.

THREAD: You will supply the thread for all projects. 

PILLOW PROJECTPillows aren’t as always simple as they seem! It’s easy to make a pillow cover, getting it to look good on your pillow is where pattern making and technical skill are put the test. You will learn how to sew various pillow cover sizes in this class.

In this class we will make 3 types of pillows.

1.) You will be provided with a 20” x 20” down pillow stuffer, this is included in the class fee. For your first project you will make the pillowcase case according to this specific type of filler. To start we will make an envelope pillowcase, no zipper sewing required! I will provide the pattern for this size pillow.

2.) We will make a zippered pillow cover to fit a the 20” x 20” pillow stuffer you are provided with.

3.) Bring a pillow from home that you would like to recover. You will be making the pattern. Even though a pillow might be a 14” x 14”, there is no such thing as one size fits all 14” x 14” pillow cover!

SERGING: You will use serger / overlock machine which will be used to finish the inside of the pillow.

TABLE RUNNER, TABLECLOTH, CLOTH NAPKINS or CURTAIN PROJECT: The techniques are the same for all of them, so once you learn how to make one, you can make them all. My favorite saying for my students is “it’s your decision”! You decide what you would like to make. You will need to measure the table you would like to cover or the window size and together we will determine the size in which your project needs to be cut.


CLASS 1: There will be a quick refresher on how to use the machine and winding bobbins, there will not be instruction about how to use a machine. Bring scissors, any color thread, and a throw pillow from home that you are interested in recovering. I will provide fabric for practice pillows which we will start during this class. 

We will discuss the pattern for your pillow covers, the types of fabric you would like to use and any supplies you will need. If you have swatches of fabric you would like to try, please bring them. We will also calculate the yardage required for all 3 pillowcases. Also, be prepared with some ideas and a rough size of your curtain or tabletop item for the second project. 

HOMEWORK between Class #1 & Class #2 – cutting 2 pillow covers for the 20” x 20” pillow.

CLASS 2: Bring your 2 pre-cut pillow covers. One for the envelope pillow and one for the zipper pillow. We will start to sew the envelope pillow this class and there will be a good chance we will start the zippered pillow.  

CLASS 3: Complete the 20” x 20” pillow covers and we will begin to make the pattern and cover for the pillow from home. Measurements for your curtain or tabletop project must be confirmed and we will discuss yardage requirements.

HOMEWORK between Class #3 & Class #4 – cut your pillow cover for the pillow you provide and the cut tabletop or curtain project.

CLASS 4: We will start and finish the pillow cover for your personal pillow and will start the curtain or table top project. 

CLASS 5: Class is dedicated to wrapping up your last project.

CANCELLATION POLICY: There are no refunds. If you are unable to attend, I can provide you with a credit of $210 that you can use toward future sewing classes. It will only be provided if you notify me 72 hours in advance by emailing hello@vecinadesign.com. There must also be a waitlist for the class so that I can fill your spot. By registering for the class, you are agreeing to this cancellation policy.

CONTACT INFORMATION: hello@vecinadesign.com