5 WEEK SESSION • Sunday Afternoon • 4:30pm - 6:00pm

April 14th, 21st & 28th & May 5th & 19th

Classes are held at The Art Room at 309 Penn Avenue in Downtown Scranton. All classes are taught by me, Jamie Durkin, owner of Vecina.

Class size is limited to 6 people and is designed to start at 12 years old.

You will be provided with a JUKI home machine for all classes. If you have your own machine, please let me know as soon as possible so we can discuss the condition and capabilities of your machine.

INTERMEDIATE 102 is a 5-class series designed specifically for someone who has some sewing experience, has made projects and knows how to cut and is pretty good with a straight stitch! This class is perfect for anyone who took Beginner's 101.

A quick refresher on threading will be done, so don't worry! Class includes 7.5 hours of instruction.

I chose the apron for INTERMEDIATE 102 because no fitting is required and it's a great fit for all body types! Many of the skills will carry over into apparel.

Remember, the goal of the class is to build upon skills that you already have and to learn techniques that you can build upon for your sewing journey. It's a learning class and not just a project-based class.


HOW TO USE A SERGER: You will use serger / overlock machine which will be used to finish the hem.

STITCHING A CURVED HEM: Learn the nuances of turning up, pressing and stitching a curved, narrow hem. If you can make a curved hem you can certainly make a straight hem on a skirt or pair of pants!

TOPSTITCHING: My motto and belief are that every project that leaves the classroom will be finished beautifully and will not look homemade. You will learn how to topstitch at different widths on the apron. It’s details like topstitching that make something look really well-made.

PATCH POCKETS: Attaching patch pockets is the true test of your topstitching skills. With the techniques you learn to make the pocket, you can also use them to put pockets on bags, skirts, coats, and dresses, etc! I will offer a few different patch pocket options which we will practice in class.

TRIMS: We will discuss different options like adding grosgrain ribbon to the tops of pockets or pom-pom trim to the hem. You can choose anything you’d like to give your apron your own style. Bring samples or inspiration to the first class.


TOOLS: You will need just the basics to help keep the cost low. You will need some cutting scissors or shears. Please buy new ones, or make sure they are very good at cutting fabric, they will make your life so much easier! I will also show you how to use a rotary cutter with a self-healing pad. You will need to provide pins and or clips. I also have a variety of rulers and tape measures to use. If you have your own, please bring them too.

PATTERNS: I will make the pattern and it will be provided for the project. They will be yours to keep. Learning how to read commercial patterns will be taught in Sewing 103.

FABRIC: Mid-weight cotton is a great choice. It's easy to handle and it will give you a full and flowing look. The apron in the photo is linen, it's pricier and a little trickier to sew. Good cotton fabrics are softer denim, canvas and twill. You can get plaids or stripes. Some of the fun printed fabrics that you see on bolts in stores is probably too light weight for this project. When buying fabric just think about what weight you would like to be wearing, it's all up to you!

When you register for class I will send you an email with an in-depth guide for purchasing fabric for the apron. If you have questions sooner please email me at Approximately 2 yards of fabric will be required, depending on the width.

THREAD: You will supply the thread for sewing the apron. I will provide serger thread.


CLASS 1: We will thread machines, wind bobbins, have a refresher about fabric construction, and will lay out the pattern and begin cutting. How to lay out the pattern and fabric terminology will be discussed. We will also discuss trims, pockets and any additional creative ideas you want to explore to liven up your apron.

CLASS 2: There is one serger and 6 students so the 2nd class will be split into 2 different categories. One person will be serging while the others will be practicing pockets. We will also cover the importance of pressing while sewing pockets, which is also part of the art form of creating a beautiful, finished product.

CLASS 3: This class will be dedicated to hemming the apron, working on the straps and attaching the straps. Topstitching will also be discussed and practiced.

CLASS 4: Pocket night! Tonight we will make your pocket of choice and will attach them to the apron. We will learn how to mark the pockets on the apron and I will go over different types of marking methods.

CLASS 5: We will finish up any last items needed to complete your apron. If there is additional time during the last class we will have an open teaching, learning, question and answer session. Ask me about a new project that you would like to start!

CANCELLATION POLICY: If you are unable to attend, I can provide you with a credit of $210 that you can use toward future sewing classes. It will only be provided if you notify me 72 hours in advance by emailing There must also be a waitlist for the class so that I can fill your spot. By registering for the class, you are agreeing to this cancellation policy.