ERIN Black Cotton Canvas Tote / Water Repellent


Textured canvas with a water repellent finish. 100% cotton. Lining is 100% black brushed cotton. One large interior pocket and a hook and loop at the top keep the awesome triangle shape of this beautiful utility bag.

The bottom has extra layers of canvas for a bit more structure and makes the bag stand up even a little more. Measurements are long 19" long x 13"high x 10" deep.

The handles are cut and made in our studio and are made of vegetable-tanned leather, meaning that it is dyed with natural elements such as tree bark and roots and leaves and seeds as opposed to using chemically based chromium methods. Our leather is sourced from a Tuscan tannery using centuries-old tanning techniques.

From an ecological point of view, our choice is vegetable-tanned leather because it is chemical free and the hides we use are a by-product of the meat industry.