Brick Red


This red strap is made of vegetable-tanned leather, meaning that it is dyed with natural elements such as tree bark and roots and leaves and seeds as opposed to using chemically based chromium methods. This leather is up-cycled from a high end bag makers studio.

It's important to know that vegetable-tanned leather will patina over time and will darken from use and from the natural oils of your skin. Vegetable-tanned leather also has a finish that reveals the hides natural marks and characteristics developed by living in the elements of nature. 

Our leathers are aniline dyed, where the tint is dyed through instead of sprayed on the surface. This allows for the rich, natural smell of leather to come through instead of a plastic, chemical smell from sprayed on paint.

The strap has a 14" circumference and is 3/8" wide. It also has a brass swivel clip buckle, so it can be taken on and off from the zipper pull.

All leather wristlets and handles are hand-cut, sewn, and assembled in our studio.

From an ecological point of view, our choice is vegetable-tanned leather because it is chemical free and the hides we use are a by-product of the meat industry.