The leather strap is crafted from vegetable-tanned leather, a process involving natural elements like tree bark, roots, leaves, and seeds, in contrast to chemically-based chromium methods. We source our leather from a Tuscan tannery, employing centuries-old methods for vegetable-tanned leather production.

It's essential to note that vegetable-tanned leather develops a unique patina over time, darkening from use and absorbing natural oils from your skin. This leather finish also showcases the hide's natural marks and characteristics acquired in the elements of nature.

Our leathers undergo aniline dyeing, ensuring the tint permeates through the material rather than being sprayed on the surface. This method allows the rich, natural scent of leather to prevail, avoiding the plastic, chemical smell associated with sprayed-on paint.

The strap, with a 14" circumference and 3/8" width, features a brass swivel clip buckle for easy attachment and removal from the zipper pull.

All leather wristlets and handles are meticulously hand-cut, sewn, and assembled in our studio. From an ecological standpoint, we opt for vegetable-tanned leather not only for its chemical-free nature but also because the hides used are by-products of the cattle industry.